SQ Write, An Executive Functioning Writing Curriculum

A research-based, core writing curriculum that's anything but common!

SQ Write is a unique writing curriculum that combines executive functioning and an original
elf-Questioning technique
to provide students with simple yet powerful tools to become effective, organized, and self-reliant writers.

 SQ Write CurriculumEasy To Implement, Easy to Use

Are you tired of the same-old writing programs and worn out graphic organizers? It’s time for a fresh, innovative approach! SQ Write finally addresses the question, “How can I teach my students to become more confident, self-reliant writers?” The solution is simple. In order for students to become good writers, they must first be good thinkers. Good thinkers ask good questions, and then generate the answers. That’s the beauty of SQ Write – this curriculum utilizes an innovative, brain-based, Self-Questioning technique that provides an easy way for students to generate their own ideas, beginning with a few simple questions!

It all begins with the SQ Write Q Card

The Q Card provides prompts for students to formulate the right questions to generate the novel answers and ideas necessary for an effective essay. Then, using the SQ Write Thought Organizer, students are able to capture these ideas, visually storing and organizing them until they are ready to be put to paper. With the ideas organized and written down, students can read their ideas aloud to make sure they sound “right”. Finally, they will be ready to write organized, structured essays- every time!
Audience: Grades 4-8; Adaptable for High School students.


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At SQ Thinking we transform complex learning research into simple, yet powerful learning tools for teachers, parents, and students. These techniques aim to create self-reliant learners.

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