SQ Write DigitalSQ Write Digital Research Set (powered by Themeefy) meets the technology Common Core requirement. SQ Write Digital easily embeds 21st century technology skills in the writing process.

Students create digital portfolios for research, generate web-based content, and organize new content. Students use this organized content as part of the SQ Write 4-step writing process. This meets the Common Core standard of providing relevant text supports in writing.

For teachers, SQ Write digital helps build digital classroom materials and lessons in minutes, organizes and customizes web-based content for student use and teaches students to use relevant texts to produce text supported arguments in writing.

Social media tools are embedded to increase 21st century relevance and student motivation. Students digitally share these newly generated digital portfolios and digitally critique, support, and improve peers’ portfolios.

SQ Write Digital addresses Common Core requirements for digital research, argument, and presentation. The program is a comprehensive set of project-based activities comprised of:

  • Comprehensive lesson plans (10 total)
  • Tools for research and discovery
  • Class and student management
  • Assignment, grading and analytics
  • Instructions telling students how to create learning portfolios using open web content
  • Instructions for making and writing arguments to accompany research

Get Started Step 1 of 5

Start by visiting the SQ Write page on the Themeefy site: https://themeefy.com/sqwrite and set up your account.

Sign-up for Themeefy.

Once you sign-up, as an educator you will have the option of purchasing the program based on your class size.

Set up your Profile:

  • Add a cool profile photo that will help others identify you.
  • Add a brief biography to tell others about your professional interests and the subjects that you like.

You are ready to set an assignment on Themeefy!

Start a Class Step 2 of 5

Click on “New Class” on your account page.

Enter a title for your class.

Enter a title for your class. Don’t forget to add a brief description to make it easier for your students to identify your class.

Invite Students to Join Your Class:

  • By email (via Themeefy), or
  • Share the class code/URL with them & they can sign up on Themeefy.com as students and request to join the class with the code.

You are now ready to set assignments for your students & ask them to create their own learning material!

Creating a Sample Theme Step 3 of 5

A Theme acts as a binder of information and allows you to add various resources & notes.

Start by clicking on “New Theme.”

Choose a Topic

Enter the topic as a Theme title. You can also add a brief introduction to the lesson.

Discover & bundle content in a Theme.

Discover and Bundle Content in a Theme:

Once you’ve added the pages to your Theme, you can edit and share it with your students.

Click on Publish to change the order of pages and edit the title & description of each page of your Theme.

Change the order of pages by dragging and dropping each page to the desired position. Your changes will be automatically saved.

You can also edit the title and description of each page. To edit, hover over the text area and click to start typing.

Don’t forget to save your changes!

Finished Adding Pages to Your Theme and Editing It?

Click on the share icon (in Edit mode or on your Home page) to publish the Theme. Share the Theme with your students and colleagues by:

  1. Sending the Theme URL via email.
  2. Embedding the Theme on your personal website.
  3. Add the Theme as a sample in your assignments.

Setting an Assignment Step 4 of 5

Set an assignment on any topic discussed in your class.

Create an assignment for your class.

You can use the Lesson Plan that is a part of the SQ Write Curriculum.

You can also attach a detailed description of the assignment or our tutorial to guide your students. Don’t forget to include a sample Theme!

An example of an SQ Write Lesson on Themeefy

Title: Causes of the Revolutionary War Purpose: To research and identify specific actions/events & the details of these events that occurred that directly resulted in the Revolutionary War. Assignment: Identify three subtopics which include events, actions of individuals, and/or statements of individuals that directly caused the Revolutionary War. Research the Web and assemble a Theme/project that includes:

  • A thesis statement (Main Topic & Extended Topic).
  • Introduction with background information that defines the thesis statement.
  • Research the web and find material to substantiate your 3 subtopics.
  • For each subtopic include the following:
    • The research material.
    • Supporting argument to the use of the material.
    • Specific evidence/event and your analysis of the same.
  • Independent conclusion on the overarching topic and your selected events.

Sample assignment: http://bit.ly/1f8NRha

Explain the assignment and your evaluation criteria to your students before they start. If needed, go through the assignment instructions word by word to ensure that there is no confusion.

We also strongly recommend that you include a sample Theme and discuss it with your class, highlighting why it is a good Theme.

Evaluate Your Students Step 5 of 5

Assess your students’ work and award them grades.

Create an assignment for your class.

Once your students have submitted their assignments you can evaluate their work by clicking on Review.

Before you start grading, review your criteria and the Themeefy grading scale.

Make a list of your expectations for each criterion, but above all, keep in mind the all-time criteria of relevance and quality.

Our grading scale is based on 3 rubrics:

  • Research & resource use
  • Argument & Critical Thought
  • Presentation