The SQ Write method can be used to teach ADHD children.

Many times ADHD and poor executive functioning skills are simultaneously present. Research indicates that ADHD adversely impacts the brain's executive functioning. When operating effectively, our executive functioning skills allow us to effectively think, plan, organize, prioritize, and monitor our ideas, thoughts and actions. These are exactly the skills that research suggests are required to be an effective writer.

In fact, research indicates that writing difficulties represent the most common academic problem for students diagnosed with ADHD (Mayes & Calhoun, 2005).  
To overcome the symptoms of ADHD, SQ Write explicitly teaches executive functioning skills applied in writing:  self-questioning, whole-to-part analysis, initiation, self-monitoring, organization, planning, etc.  Read the white paper How Executive Functioning Skills are Built into SQ Write for an easy-to-understand chart detailing the integration of executive functioning skills in SQ Write.

Sources: Mayes, S.D., & Calhoun, S.L. (2005).  Frequency of reading, math, and writing disabilities in children with clinical disorders.  Learning and Individual Differences, 16(2), 145-157.

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Students with ADHD

If your child is diagnosed with ADHD or more subtle attentional problems, it is likely his/her executive functioning skills are compromised.  Since writing is an organizational, or executive functioning task, students diagnosed with ADHD can benefit greatly from writing instruction that directly addresses the application of executive functioning skills in the writing process. 
SQ Write
fills this need, and students with ADHD find SQ Write to be the right program for their brain.

whitepaper“How Executive Functioning skills are built into SQ Write”