Innovative system helps students who struggle with traditional writing programs.As Special Education Teachers and Specialists you encounter students who struggle with traditional writing programs and instruction on a daily basis. All too often traditional forms of tutoring and intervention seem to fall short of providing these students with the tools they need to confidently succeed in the classroom. It’s time to give these students a brain-based approach to thinking and writing. SQ Write teaches a simple, yet powerful self-questioning technique that will give your students the gift of self-reliance and confidence in their writing.

Your students can learn! With SQ Write you’ll teach your students to think, to self-question, and to generate their own answers. Your students can then rehearse their answers, and begin writing…well.

FAQs for Specialists

What specialists use SQ Write?

SQ Write can be used by special education teachers (both resource services and inclusion services), speech and language pathologists, Title 1 teachers, private tutors, educational therapists, etc.

How does SQ Write fit into RTI?

SQ Write is used in all tiers of instruction. SQ Write is taught in whole general education Tier 1 classrooms. Due to its research-based, explicit, and step-by-step qualities, it is also taught in Tiers 2 and 3 small groups and in special education resource classrooms. SQ Write is especially suited to help students in inclusion settings due to its individualized quality in helping students develop self-questions at their individualized level.

How does SQ Write help students diagnosed with specific learning or language

SQ Write applies a research-based, explicit, and step-by-step instructional approach to teaching. In essence, SQ Write breaks writing down to its basic steps. Teachers then teach these steps to their students. Often students with learning and language disorders have difficulty recognizing these basic steps. SQ Write directly addresses these difficulties by breaking down the steps into more manageable segments. This explicit teaching process can be effective both for regular functioning students and for students with learning challenges. See the Executive Function chart in the Executive Functioning White Paper (at right) to see how the different SQ Write components directly address these challenges.

How can I use SQ Write with an I.E.P.?

I.E.P.s for written expression generally include goals regarding organization and structure, thesis statements, subtopic development, details, evidence, etc. All of these components are included in the Thought Organizer and every essay page includes a check sheet for these components. SQ Write not only directly teaches these component I.E.P. goals, but the program embeds structured essay check sheets allowing for simple progress monitoring after every chapter and for every essay.

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What are the advantages of SQ Write over other writing curriculums?

Current research on written expression has found that executive functioning skills play a major role in student writing outcomes.

Unlike other writing curriculums, SQ Write emphasizes core executive functioning skill building. Furthermore, SQ Write explicitly teaches students to self-question and think on their own so that they self-initiate and become self-reliant writers.

What Specialists Use SQ Write?

  • Special Education Teachers
  • Speech and Language Pathologists
  • Tier 3 Interventionists
  • Title 1 Teachers
  • ESL Teachers
  • Tutors/Educational Therapists

whitepaper1“How SQ Write Can Be Used in an RTI Setting”


whitepaper“How Executive Functioning skills are built into SQ Write”