Helps schools meet State Common Core Standards.

SQ Write is a one-stop solution that allows your students to meet the Common Core Standards for expository writing. Comprehensive and effective- your teachers will be able to immediately implement SQ Write in the classroom, paving the way for confident,
self-reliant writers.

As administrators, you share a common need for effective writing instruction that is easy for teachers to implement. You need an easy to use curriculum that can be standardized across classes and grades, and across multiple subjects. When you factor in the Common Core Standards, it may seem like an impossibly tall order- where can you find a curriculum that fulfills all of these needs? Look no further! SQ Write meets all of these criteria. It is a dynamic curriculum that will help your students excel beyond the Common Core Standards.

Teachers will love its simplicity and students will immediately use it effectively, becoming self-reliant, thriving writers in the process.

Administrator FAQ's

What grades can use SQ Write?

SQ Write targets 4th through 8th grade students. It is easily adaptable for high school and college students as well.

How can I adapt SQ Write for high school/college students?

SQ Write employs an executive functioning self-questioning process that is used at all writing levels from 4th grade through high school. Therefore, the explicit instructional steps and strategies do not need to be modified. However, the modeled essay may need to be adapted. High school and college teachers may choose to provide students with higher-level writing themes and examples.

What courses use SQ Write?

SQ Write is an explicit instructional program that is taught in mainstream English, humanities, language arts, and ESL classrooms as well as all tiers of instruction and special education resource classrooms.

How does SQ Write generalize across subjects? How do I use SQ Write with my
cross-subject team?

Students take their blank SQ Write Thought Organizers, Q Card, and Individualized Editing Booklet (IEB) to other classes (i.e. – social studies, science, etc.). Once students have completed the 10 lessons of explicit writing instruction, they independently use these hands-on writing tools in all courses.

Cross-subject teachers may use blank Thought Organizers for writing assignments in their classes. Going one step further, cross-subject teachers may decide to require the completion of a Thought Organizer prior to students beginning their writing.

What is the time frame for teaching SQ Write?

SQ Write includes 10 chapters. Seven chapters require approximately two 40 minute class periods – the other three chapters require one 40 minute class period. In total, the SQ Write curriculum takes approximately 17 class periods for implementation. Following completion of the program, teachers may repeat lessons in which individual students may require further support.

How do I use SQ Write after the full curriculum is taught?

At the end of the curriculum students know how to self-question and record their answers and ideas in an organized and structured written format. For post-curricular writing assignments, students simply utilize the Q Card, Thought Organizer, and Individualized Editing Booklet to prepare and write complete and elaborated essays. Students may complete the Thought Organizer in one sitting and write the essay in another.

Is SQ Write correlated to the Common Core Standards?

Yes, SQ Write meets all Common Core Standards from 4th grade and up for expository writing. Further, SQ Write is aligned with state testing rubrics for expository writing.

How does SQ Write fit into RTI?

SQ Write is used in all tiers of instruction. SQ Write is taught to whole general education Tier 1 classrooms. Due to SQ Write’s research-based, explicit, and step-by-step qualities, it is also taught in Tiers 2 and 3 small groups and in special education classrooms. SQ Write is especially suited to help students in inclusion settings due to its individualized quality.

Can we receive SQ Write training?

Yes! Hands-on, on-site customized professional development programs are available. Participants experience SQ Write as both a teacher and a student resulting in successful and effective implementation.

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What are the advantages of SQ Write over other writing curriculums?

Current research on written expression has found that executive functioning skills play a major role in student writing outcomes.

Unlike other writing curriculums, SQ Write emphasizes core executive functioning skill building. Furthermore, SQ Write explicitly teaches students to self-question and think on their own so that they self-initiate and become self-reliant writers.

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“The Common Core State Standards provide a consistent, clear understanding of what students are expected to learn, so teachers and parents know what they need to do to help them. The standards are designed to be robust and relevant to the real world, reflecting the knowledge and skills that our young people need for success in college and careers.” -- Common Core State Standards Initiative

whitepaper common core standards“How SQ Write is Aligned to the Common Core Standards”