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SQ Write is a comprehensive curriculum that applies an executive functioning approach to both learning and teaching how to write effectively. These executive functioning skills are invaluable because they become a part of the student’s repertoire for managing writing tasks across all subject areas. Better yet, students will take these skills far beyond the classroom and apply them later in the real world.

SQ Write employs a simple, yet powerful process that can be used in all tiers of instruction to help late elementary and middle school students (grades 4-8) become self-reliant writers who not only meet the Common Core Standards, but create high-quality, organized writing. Teachers can also use SQ Write to provide differentiated writing interventions in the general education curriculum and all tiers of instruction as mandated by the RTI process of the IDEA act. Furthermore, SQ Write is fully adaptable for high school students!

With SQ Write, students apply this unique self-questioning process to generate ideas and answers. They record these results on the SQ Write Thought Organizer, which reduces their working memory load while providing a handy resource for them to keep their ideas organized and easy to reference. From there, students form their ideas and answers into complete sentences simply by reciting the ideas they have written down on the Thought Organizer. As they rehearse these ideas aloud, they are naturally able to create and write fluid sentences. This rehearsal is akin to creating a rough draft, before the student even puts pen to paper. The results are detailed and organized essays- every time!

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Why It Works

Executive Functioning skills promote independent thinking, self-initiation, and general organization. Planning, breaking down tasks, whole-to-part analysis, categorization, and sequencing- all of these essential skills fall under the awning of executive functioning. Typically, these are some of the last skills to develop in adolescents.

Research clearly tells us that these are the exact skills students use in creating organized and elaborated writing. That’s the beauty of SQ Write- you begin teaching these skills at an earlier point in a student’s development. This better enables students to become self-reliant writers capable of independently producing effective and well-reasoned writing `s. Furthermore, students can utilize these skills moving forward, both in the classroom and beyond.

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