SQ Write teaches thinking and questioning skills (executive functioning).

SQ Write teaches students how to apply executive functioning - or thinking and questioning skills - to create logical, well-constructed essays through the use engaging real life activities. These activities employ the metacognitive strategies of self-questioning, whole-to-part analysis, and verbal mediation and rehearsal.

Self-Questioning is a technique used to access prior knowledge that leads students to become self-reliant thinkers and writers. The ability to independently generate self-questions allows for an indefinite amount of knowledge to be accessed for writing content.

Whole-to-Part Analysis breaks broad ideas into manageable chunks. Students find it easier to work with smaller parts - this increases their initiation while minimizing their desire to procrastinate.

Verbal Mediation and Rehearsal directly influence the development of written expression. Most students can more effectively organize information orally. With SQ Write, students speak their ideas aloud until they sound “right”. By rephrasing their ideas, students refine their rough drafts, even before beginning to write!

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